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I am a survivor of an attempted abortion

on April 7, 2012

   I have wanted to talk about my life story for sometime in hopes that it might help someone with a similar past.  It will take some time so please be patient with me.
I have to start at the very beginning to get my story across. My father wasn’t the best at picking out women and he thought that a good woman was one who could throw back a beer without throwing up. My father met my birth mother at a bar called The Railroad. According to my father he watched her from across the room to see what she was about and when she turned that beer up he knew she was the one.  Like I said he didn’t have the best  judgement but who would if you were to drunk at the time also. So he got up and asked her for a dance which she took because that’s just how she was. After the dance ended they went to her place where they talked for hours. I think there is more to that story but that is all my dad told me. I think we can take a couple of guesses and the first two don’t count as to what happened. They went on several more dates and decided it was time to get married to make it official. They lived the party life style until one night it all changed for the good according to my dad but to my mom that was a different story. One morning my mother noticed that she was starting to have morning sickness and she was bloated. So, she took a pregnancy test which came up positive. What should have been such a wonderful moment in that she would run to call my father to tell him the wonderful news, didn’t happen. Instead she decided she would end her pregnancy before he found out. She went on drinking binge to try to terminate me. She even went as far as doing drugs to basically murder me. She started her period that night and so she thought she had done the deed. She kept it to herself for the next few months. My father was once married before and had a set of twin daughters who spent the weekends with him. Their names were Tonya and Sonya. My sister Tonya told my mother that she was getting bigger and asked what was wrong. My mother then ran into the bathroom and looked to see a bulge under her shirt. She freaked out and made them get in the car. She rushed to the hospital because she thought she was having some weird attack. When she was wheeled back they decided to do an ultrasound to find out what the problem was. In the meantime my father was called by my sisters who rushed to the hospital. They let my father go back just in time to see the ultrasound. So the doctor started looking and my father fell in the chair wide-eyed. My mother begins to cry and confessed that she knew but thought she handle it. Unknown to my mother she couldn’t kill me. She was three months pregnant with me. My father said on the ultrasound I turned to the camera and grinned.  My mother use to complain that her pregnancy with me was the worst. I would cause her such problems. Unknown to her I knew she didn’t want me from the time I was conceived.




3 responses to “I am a survivor of an attempted abortion

  1. James says:

    Thank you for sharing this…

  2. momentum316 says:

    Wow! Sounds like God was looking out for you 🙂

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