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FEB 2nd 1990 at 4:04pm I was brought into this world fighting

on April 9, 2012

My father was extremely happy but scared about having another child. My mother on the other hand hated it deep within her but tried to remain silent about it. It never stopped her from doing drugs or drinking. I’m not saying that my father didn’t have his problems because he did but they don’t come in until later. I use to never move when she was pregnant unless my dad talked to me. I would as my dad said “reach out for him and hold his hand.” That would set my mother off because she knew I disliked her. He use to sing to me while she was pregnant and he would talk to me nonstop. Fast forward to the day she had me. My mother went into labor on Feb 1st and she had a really hard labor. She gave birth the following day at 4:04pm. She gave birth to me that day without my dad.  I was born FEB. 2nd 1990 at 4:04pm. Image

My father went home to take a shower while I was being born. He got a phone call that told him that I was born so he rushed to the hospital to hold his little girl. My mother didn’t want to hold me because all I would do is scream if she touched me. My dad finally arrived to hold his little girl. I smiled up at him for the first time and I reached out to hold his finger. From that day on I was his little pride and joy. She went home from the hospital three days later because she had problems during labor. When they arrived home people showed up to see the little one. Once they all left the war started up again. According to both of them I would scream and cry nonstop unless my daddy was home. He was my whole world. I never bonded with my mother. One night I kept crying and wouldn’t take a bottle so they rushed me to the ER. They checked me and had a tube put in my nose with formula. I started throwing up and screaming. That’s when they found out I was lactose. They had to give her a special formula. She said it was to expensive but my father always found a way to get it from me. It all went down hill because I was always sick so my mother always had to put up with me. My father would come home to me in a dirty diaper and stained clothes. He would throw a fit but my mother would be no where to be found. She left me by myself a lot to go do what she wanted to do. My father said he wondered why she would treat me that way. My mother should have never had any children according to those around her. She didn’t have a mothering bone in her whole body. I wish things could have been different.


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  1. James says:

    Thank you for sharing this, honey…

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