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And the child’s decision is….NOT YOU!

on April 10, 2012

My father was gone to work one day and came home to an empty house. The house was trashed. Everything was missing. The only sign of me was a picture.


He ran all over the house calling my mother’s name which is Carla. He said he didn’t hear a thing until he heard a mumble. He ran into my room to see me smiling up at him waiting to be picked up. He picked me up and was hugging me while tears ran down his face. He then heard the front door open so he walked out of my room into the hall to find my mother standing there. My mother told him to give me to her because she was leaving him. He said “you aren’t taking her anywhere.” So my dad went into the back room for a weapon. When he came out there was a guy standing there and telling my dad to give the baby to the women. My dad said over my dead body. By that time I was getting scared and I started holding on tighter. The guy caught my dad off guard and pushed him which gave time for my mom to snatch me. She started to tell my father off when she started screaming. I had sunk my teeth into her shoulder and wouldn’t let go. I wanted my daddy bad and he was hurt. He needed me. I wasn’t even a year old yet. Daddy said he walked up and snatched me back just in time to see the marks I left. I held onto my dad for dear life and wouldn’t let go for nothing. They called the cops and my dad was arrested. I was sent to foster care where my granddaddy(my dads dad) came and got me. The trial started in three days. That was the worst three days as a young child without their daddy. The judge did something strange that day in court. He put me down and had both of my parents stand to see who I went to. They both kept telling me to come to them and I just kept looking at them. My mother kept saying ” come here you brat” and I would frown at her. Then she would say ” you know mommie wants you, come here baby.” Again no response but a look from me. My daddy said “jane you know I love you.” He said I started to giggle and reached out for him to pick me up. My mom said it wasn’t far that she deserves to at least say goodbye to me. So they let her hold me to find out how much I truly didn’t want to be with her. She went to give me a kiss and I bit into her lip and wouldn’t let go. They had to have people help her get me off. Nobody could because I would fight. So my daddy had to come and get my to let her go. My mother told him she wanted a divorcee and he said the only way your getting it is to give me Jane. So she gave up all rights to me. So my dad sat out on a quest called “FIND STEPHANIE JANE A NEW AND BETTER MOMMIE.”

***the date on the picture was when I took it before I moved. It was taken out of my dad’s photo album so I would have some pictures of me when I was little.


One response to “And the child’s decision is….NOT YOU!

  1. James says:

    Thank you for sharing, it had a very catchy title.

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