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Walk a little straighter daddy…

on April 11, 2012

When Sara left my daddy started to drink heavily. He would come home from work and just sit around drinking. He use to scream at me nonstop about how I was worthless and I ran everyone off. Then the next morning he wouldn’t remember a thing. It was like that for a couple of months before it got worse. He use to scream at me and call my Carla. That was my mothers name. He would throw things at me and almost hit me. I would lock myself in my bedroom wondering who was this Carla person he kept calling me. I never remembered seeing her before. I just knew who ever it was, was bad. It got so bad that he would take out his belt and threaten me until bed time. He still managed to cook supper and make me do my homework. He would wait for an excuse to bring the belt out. Then it was me running from him and him swinging to hit me. One day in 5th grade it got really bad. I did something and he came at me with a belt screaming her name once again. I fell in the floor and he kept swinging at me. This was at about 8 at night. I went to school the next morning and I couldn’t sit in the chair. My teacher asked me to step out into the hall so she could talk to me. She asked what was wrong and why I was wearing winter clothes during the summer. In Mississippi it was well over 90 degrees. I told her that I hurt all over and my daddy didn’t mean to. I told her that he just needed some help. So she took me start to the principals office where I was greeted by the police and two women. They took me in a room where they looked me over. I had over 30 bruises and on my bottom I had a cut. They took me away from school to stay with my older sister until they could find out what was going on. That night I didn’t see my daddy and I was confused as to why. A week went by and I didn’t see my daddy until one day he came by to see me! I was so excited and I asked him where he had been. He told me to get in the car to go home. So I went and I never saw the lady again. I went back home with my daddy. Things just got worse. One day I was listening to the radio and a song popped up. I ran into the room where daddy was for him to listen. I played him the song and he just started crying something awful. He told me he was so sorry and he would never hit me again. And he never did because he realized he was in the wrong. So life went back to normal and even got better. He started cutting back on drinking and kept his promise to never hit me again. Things where good. I was in 7th or 8 grade when he meet stepmother number 2. Her name is Pam. She really was the diamond in the ruff.


One response to “Walk a little straighter daddy…

  1. I’ve read all your blog entries and it has me riveted. You had quite the life as a child and I’m sure it was very difficult and confusing.

    Cannot wait to read more of your life and what you have to say!!

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