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Gone but not forgotten

on April 19, 2012

This morning my husband and I got some horrible news about a business associate. Their 7month old baby has passed away from an unknown illness that happened the 14th of April. I personally have never meet the people before but they are business aquatientces of my husbands. I feel so sorry for them because I can’t imagine the hurt they must be going through. The baby boy left behind two loving parents and 8 sibilings. I can’t even begin to think what these people must be going through but they do need prayers. The mother’s name is Sarah. So if you could please pray for Sarah and her family while they are trying to deal with the lose of their baby boy I would be so grateful. This also made me start watching videos of 31 weeks old babys who survive outside the womb. I am currently pregnant and that’s is another reason it hit me so hard. I keep thinking I could be going through what they are right now. Nobody is to young to go home to the Lord. You go when he calls you home. I know in my heart that he is in heaven with all the angels learning about Jesus. One day he will worship Jesus and God to his hearts content. He will be waiting for his family to come join in the most wonderful place you could ever hope to remain for enterity. Also while I was watching videos abortion videos started poping up in youtube. I decided to watch two videos and they both touched my heart and I hope they touch yours also.
Doctors tell you that when you abort a baby they don’t feel anything. They are numbed and they really are nothing but a bundle of tissue. This guy actually shows what a fetus sees while they are being aborted. They did a live ultrasound during an abortion and the doctor who performed it had to step out before he could finish. He went on to never do another one. The nurse went on to never help in another one because this was not something they teach in school.

This other video is a woman discussing her 3 abortions she did when she was younger. She always describes that having those abortions she was told they were nothing but bundles of tissue. She goes on to state that she never really felt a mother-child bond with her children due to her having abortions. She felt something was missing and that she was a bad mother. She also goes on to tell how the Lord changed her life and how she’s changing others. Please take the time to watch both videos.

* This might not make any sense why I would put this all together but it does to me. This baby boys parents decided to have him and love him. Things went down hill on April 14th and they lost him. All I know is he had a bad coughing spell and tore something in his stomach that claimed his life. Atleast this little one got the chance to live even for a little while. He will never question why his mommie and daddy didn’t want him. Why they didn’t love him because he knows they loved him very much. There was never a void he had to feel. Those little babies that get aborted do know what is going on. Never let a doctor tell you they don’t. Please stand up for those who don’t have a big enough voice to do it for theirselves.


3 responses to “Gone but not forgotten

  1. A Dog With Fleas says:

    I will keep Sarah and her family in my prayers. That is so beyond sad. I cannot imagine what that family must be going through.

  2. James says:

    Life begins at conception, end of story. Thank you for sending out this prayer request. It is a very sad situation that they are in…

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