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Amazing Montana

on May 27, 2012

I am 36weeks and 4 days pregnant today. I can have him any time after this coming up Wednesday 30th. He has been trying to come early so I’ve been having to take it easy. He is a little stinker but his mommie loves him. I have gotten our bedroom all ready for him and our bathroom is redone so it can fit his needs also. I have to clean up his room and my husbands office today. I also painted his rocking horse which to some might look freakish but to us we love it. He’ll love it to because it came from mommie. We have decided to call ourselves Mommie and Daddy to each other that way Junior gets accustomed to calling us those names instead of James and Stephanie. His mother will also be Granny or like my husband calls her “granny grunt.” “snicker snicker” lol She hates it but I find it amusing. My dog is doing well so far with the room changes so I’m hoping she’ll be fine with the new baby. I did everything up here for the baby with her in the room so she knows something is up. She has started being more clingy and more laid back. She just wants to sit by you and follow you around. On another note. Sorry if I’m rambling but it’s my post! LOL!!! I woke up this morning to see something fun outside my window. It wasn’t rain or a beautiful sun shiny day. NOPE IT WAS SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! It’s 33 degrees with snow coming down. lol It’s May 27…really now??? I don’t think the weather got that hint at least not in Montana where weather is unpredictable. So I’m stuck inside….well I’ve been stuck inside for about a week so this isn’t any different. I am making Junior a baby blanket today. I’m super excited!! =-) YAY ME!!! hahahaha The end.


4 responses to “Amazing Montana

  1. A Dog With Fleas says:

    I can wait to hear about Junior when he finally makes his way into this world!! It’s so exciting! And you and your husband will make great parents. Can’t believe it is snowing there!! How weird is that for the end of May. It is 90 degrees here and humid as heck! So glad to hear you are doing well, and be sure to take it easy until the little one comes. Take care and be well!! 🙂

  2. James says:

    Nice post

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